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Jo Brecknell
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Benefits of Therapy

Counselling and Psychotherapy can be of great support in times of crisis or change. It involves the provision of professional assistance to people who are experiencing personal issues, in order to help alleviate those difficulties.

Nearly everyone faces challenges and difficulties in their life at some time. But sometimes these challenges and difficulties can be overwhelming and we may feel helpless. Stress over a job, anxiety caused by uncertainty over the future, loss because of bereavement, sexual assault, problems over addiction or difficulties in a relationship are just some of the reasons why people feel they can benefit by talking to a professional Counsellor or Psychotherapist.

When should you seek a Counsellor / Psychotherapist?

At various stages in our lives, we may need help addressing problems and issues that cause us emotional distress or make us feel overwhelmed. When experiencing these types of difficulties, you may benefit from the assistance of an experienced, trained professional.

Professional Therapists offer caring, expert assistance that can help you identify your problems and assist you in finding the best way to cope with them. This may involve changing behaviours that contribute to the problem or by finding constructive ways to deal with a situation that is beyond your personal control.

Therapists offer help in addressing many situations that cause emotional distress, including, but not limited to:

  • Relationship difficulties (e.g. within families, with partners)
  • Anxiety, Depression, Stress and other mental and emotional problems and disorders
  • Bereavement – the death of a loved one
  • Social and emotional difficulties related to disability and illness
  • Addiction problems – e.g. alcohol and substance abuse, gambling and other addictions
  • Sexual abuse and domestic violence
  • Eating Disorders
  • Career and job stress

Client Testimonials

When I first started counselling with Jo I had a list of things I wanted to work through to help me heal. Over time, issues that I had refused to deal with in the past cropped up and we were able to work through those at a pace that suited me. Jo gave me the tools and the space to learn new lessons for myself and to set healthy boundaries. The most important thing I learned was how to say no- in my personal, professional, and family life. I will continue to work on my healing journey for years to come but I am no longer held back by bad experiences and the expectations of others. Jo helped me to realise that I cannot do everything for everybody and that I have to make myself a priority even if other people don’t, Orlaith 

My name is John from Co. Laois, and for the past few months I have had the great fortune of having Jo Brecknell as my therapist/counsellor.
She has been an anchor and guide for me through a turbulent time in my life and her understanding and guidance are steadily bringing me right back to who I really am.
I may yet have a long road to travel, but with Jo as my fellow traveller and my guide, I look forward to the day, whenever it arrives, in the confidence that I have been in safe and wise hands
I would not hesitate in recommending Jo Brecknell to anyone who needs an empathetic, effective and professional therapist/counsellor.

I had a lot of things I needed to address and even though they were things out of the ordinary you handled the situation with a warmth and professionalism that I appreciated.
I had a lot of work to do to get through stemming from my childhood and into the present.
I had to look at the building blocks of my life and change the way I approached life.
I was in a very low point in my life and you showed me how to deal and gave me the strength I needed to change my life.
I am now doing much better and I have the skills to cope when things don’t go my way. It was a privilege to have met you and work with you. I’m not sure if it was a good thing for you being pushed so far and so hard but we did get through it. Denise